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I have heard a lot about the caliber 30x173mm but I have no further information. I would like know which Forces in the world use it? Any kind of information will be more than welcome regarding this caliber.
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Your question is very general so here we may start with the available internet sources:


google.de/search?q=30x173&s … 20&bih=933

You may go through these links and then comback with more specific questions as elaborating on the whole variety of ammunition and applications would qualify for a large book.

Also I would recommend to use the term “30x173” here in the forum search and it will bring up plenty of information.

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Actually, I would like to know which Army Forces uses the exact caliber 30x173mm.
If someone has the information, it would be more than welcome. Thanks!!!

Fabio, in very short (there is much more to say):

It was initially a Swiss development (KCA gun with steel cases) and the first renouned adoption was by the US for the GAU-8A aircraft gun in the A-10 “Warthog” (then with aluminum cases - firing the infamous DU projectiles).
Some years later Holland adopted a CIWS system basing on this gun (navy I think). For some years then Mauser of Germany marketed it’s “Model F” automatic gun (for ground applications) which never became wide spread in the first years. Just in recent years the caliber got new attention as a primary weapon for IFVs and became a NATO standardized round now (If I am not mistaken) where several countries adopted the caliber to replace their today underpowered 20mm and 25mm systems. The US are currently using the MK44 “Bushmaster II” and developments are going on to “upscale” the cartridge (and gun) to 40x180 where the case design is basing on the 30mm head diameter with then a cylindrical case design (without necking down) to receive a 40mm projectile while keeping the same OAL and max. diameter (case head). So only the barrel of the MK44 has to be exchanged in order to turn the 30mm into a 40mm weapon - such “inexpensive” caliber upgrades are around since the mid/late 1930s where the Soviets upgraded their ShVAK aircraft guns from 12.7x108R to 20x99R.
Also the US MK44 is now used in a variety of installations (including helicopter borne mine clearance) and the development of ammunition of ammunition boosted to a multitude of designs from different AP types to HE variants with air burst capability and proximity fuzes (I am unsure if the latter became adopted).

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Actually, I would like to know which Army Forces uses the exact caliber 30x173mm.
If someone has the information, it would be more than welcome. Thanks!!![/quote]

These are the Army 30x173 users that I know about offhand:

Mauser MK 30 series cannon in service with:
Greece (AA twin gun system called Artemis)
Germany (Puma MICV)
Spain and Austria (ASCOD MICV - called Pizarro and Ulan respectively)

The ATK Bushmaster II / MK44 Chain Gun is in service (or at least ordered) fitted to AFVs with:
Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal and Singapore.

There are of course various naval users as well (including USA and UK).

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Poland :