Who can “translate” this marking !

30 mm X 173 TP
OL- 6H001S024


OL is Olin Corporation, but there’s a digit missing, so it could be OL something or something-6 as the year. August of that year, 1st main lot, Special sub lot #24

ACN is Amron Corporation, 1996, June, 12th lot, 1st sub lot of that lot.

The ACN info is just the case, the OL information is the load of the cartridge itself.

It was the PGU 15 Target Practice load of the GAU 8 cannon of the USAF A10 Warthog aircraft, of course.

Interesting - I can’t recall seeing a fired case from a GAU8/A before, and I didn’t realise that the gun used a fluted chamber.

Thanks to all.
It is a question of one of first lot of cartridges used by the French Navy for its cannon of 30mm Breda-Mauser (< 1998).

Quote: GAU 8 cannon of the USAF A10 Warthog aircraft, of course.

Actually, more correctly, the "GAU 8 cannon of the USAF’s A-10 THUNDERBOLT II aircraft, affectionately known by the unofficial nickname of “Warthog”!

I’ve seen literally thousands of empty cases downloaded from the A-10, and never noticed the markings of a fluted chamber! I’ll have to start paying more attention.

Since the marking reads “30mm x 173 TP”, I don’t think this was used in the GAU-8 (pierrejean seems to indicate that in his follow-up post).

I believe the marking would read “30MM PGU-15/B” if it were from the GAU-8.

This alluminium case was used in the Mauser MK30-1 Model F (fluted chamber) automatic cannon made by Rheinmetall Defence.
The MK 30-1 (model F) is installed in the BREDA Single 30 naval mount and in the BREDA Twin 30 compact naval mount.

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Thanks - that clears it up.