.310 Cadet Mk 3 Drawing

Somewhere in the mess is the drawing. Sorry, I certainly had a problem isolating it.



Edit. See drawing further down this post. :)


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Thanks for the drawing.


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John, great drawing, thanks a lot for sharing.

I have another KYNOCH factory drawing for the Cadet showing a different bullet shape, dated 1924,
Am not able to post pics to this site, so have asked another to try for me, watch this space

Jim Buchanan


I guess that is the round nosed lead bullet.


John, can you confirm the date of this drawing?

This from Jim Buchanan…

My original drawing was quite dirty and stained, so as you can see I have cleaned it up a bit.

This is a Kynoch factory drawing dated 1924, but it has later handwritten remarks on it.


There is no date on the drawing, however, there are some clues. The Mk.2 CN Round nosed version was last submitted for inspection on 4th June 1929.The Mk3 with pointed bullet was first manufactured in 1929 and submitted to inspection on 21st November 1929, this drawing would have been for that particular lot as evidenced by the larger cap chamber. Note the second line “With Webley Cap Chamber”. The larger cap was only used until the .32 pistol and revolver rounds were introduced, and the .310 reverted to the small cap at that time. Again I can’t be definite, but the second version would have been around 1929/1931 as a best guess.

Sorry that is the best I can do at this time.


John, thanks for the explanation.