310 Cadet Rifle question

What is the meaning of the A on the headstamp?

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The A is thought to mean AXITE powder to my knowledge. I have a full box with blue label all headstamped as shown but no AXITE on the label. I await other answers.

My first thought also, although I have not seen definitive proof yet. It however seems the [most] likely explanation.

My packet. Shows signs of corrosion so just as well I looked at it. Ron.

This headstamp exist in Cadet and Cattle Killer case lenghts, but I don’t know its meaning.

Did Eley ever used Axite?



Fede. That is a good question. I checked all my Eley packets and Harding’s book and Axite does not get a mention. Only my Kynoch packets have Axite labels.

Axite was a flat tape version
of the original solid cordite
( sort of like different types of pasta).
Short cartridges like the .310 Cadet had either BP or " chopped cordite" for the faster burning rate.
Chopped Axite would have a similar faster burning rate.

EARLY Australian Military Fmj .310 WWII had chopped cordite, like the pistol cartridges.( .380, .455). Although later versions had nitrocellulose powder.
Doc AV