.310 Cattle Killer

Here is what a assume to be a .310 Cattle Killer (7.8x23R?). It has a steel tipped bullet.

310 Cattle killer hs

Rim: 10.33 mm
Head: 8.89 mm
Neck: 8.12 mm
Blt. 7.73 mm
Cs Lgt: 23.21 mm

Any thoughts on who manufatured it and when?



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Here is an illustration from the 1910 catalog of the German RWS factory. It shows what they call the 7.8mm Stahlspitze (steel tip) cattle killer cartridge. This type of cartridge is listed in RWS catalogs up to 1939, but could of course have been

manufactured outside of that time span also. Since your cartridge lacks a headstamp, I guess only an original box could provide a better answer.


Thanks for the reply.