310 CCI Experimental RF

  1. Could you confirm please ?

  1. Is it scarce (value) ?

JP, this is a .31 caliber propelling charge for the GG-31 tear gas gun, which was a four-barrelled pistol similar to the Mossberg Brownie that was patented in 1967. It was placed inside the base of an aluminum tube filled with CN dust. This was an item with a very limited production, but not experimental. Regards, Fede.

Thanks Fede
What is the average price?

All of these .31’s I’ve seen have the neck cut at an angle. It there a reason for this?


My guess / thought towards the angled mouth is that there was no need to trim the mouth after the case was drawn, headed and primed. It fit inside the aluminum tube, and may perhaps have been easier to start / fit with a tapered edge vs a squared mouth?

As I say just a guess.

Any idea of the price ?

3 to 10$

thank you Pete