.315 Wadie SK


I have a .315 Wadie cartr., with h/s “SK”, probably its a “Schönebeck” production [?]
Its a standard designation? Maybe import [as “SKN” /Mesko/ in 9x18, x19 and .38 special] or export?

green plastic
L = 16,95 mm



Looks like 8mm Knall, for alarm and gas pistols. Case basically a .32 Auto size, but will not chamber interchangeably with proper .32ACP.
Very common in Europe for both Blank-fire replicas and original
“Alarme-pistole”. ( see also 9mmPAK for larger pistol replicas).
PS .315" is 8mm exactly.
Doc AV

Typical 8mm Knall have a 20 mm

Wadie 17 mm http://municion.org/9knall/315Wadie.htm

In my opinion, export from Mesko.
Unfinished case with the same “SK” for 8x20 Knall:


First time I have seen this head-Stamp in the USA.
Thanks all for sharing.