.318 Westley Richards bullets


I need some help to differentiate which bullet is the Copper Capped and which one is the Metal Covered, from the Westley Richards catalogues.
Hope I am being clear.

Info or pics of other bullets loaded in this caliber by Kynoch would be appreciated.




Metal covered, by Kynoch. Headstamp KYNOCH .318 NITRO brass primer.


Thanks Simon, that was just what I needed!


Hi Fernando - all Westley Richards ‘Capped’ bullets are ‘metal covered’ but with different shapes and material. The earliest types were called ‘Capped’ and were round-nosed. Later types from 1908 used pointed caps (as in Simon’s picture) and were called ‘L.T. Capped’ after Leslie Taylor who patented this bullet. Caps were made firstly from copper and later from cupro-nickel. The rest of the bullets was made firstly from cupro-nickel and from the late 1920’s from gilding metal. Regards JohnP-C
PS I am looking for some ORBEA headstamped pistol cartridges - do you have any? Send private Email.


Thanks John, PM sent.