32/44 S&W cartridge


a friend of mine found this gun at a dealer in UK, and asked if any additional info would be available on this calibre - deemed as ultra-rare by the dealer.


Is this calibre same as 32-44 Target (32 S&W Long/32 Colt New Police) ?


.32-44 S&W is the same as .32-44 Target.

.32 Colt NP or .32 S&W Long are different from the above.

.32-44 S&W/Target

bullet Dia .318 - .324
rim Dia .406 - .411
case length .967 - .980

.32 Colt NP

bullet Dia .300 - .316
rim Dia .368 - .380
case length .904 - .928

.32 S&W Long

bullet Dia .296 - .322
rim Dia .364 - .387
case length .893 - .940

Pivi–The .32-44 S&W comes in two forms, both with a case length of 0.967-0.980 inches. There is the .32-44 S&W Target, which uses a 83 gr. round nose or conical lead bullet with the bullet seated with just the tip of the bullet protruding from the case or quite often with the tip of the bullet flush with the case mouth. The other form is called the .32-44 S&W Gallery and used a 50 gr. round lead ball seated deep in the case. It was seated about half way down in the case.

A couple of pics of the rds.

There is also the 32-44 S&W cartridge that has the RN lead bullet. It looks just like the 32 S&W Long pictured above, but with the different case of course.


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would you have any background/info on the caliber - where it


The Smith & Wesson New Model No. 3 Target revolver was first manufactured in 1887. They were made in both 32-44 S&W and in 38-44 S&W. A total of 4333 revolvers were made. They were discontinued in 1910.


[quote=“Armourer”]A couple of pics of the rds.


I have a .38-44 version of the round on the left with the deep seated bullet, is that a legitimate round or a reload?

I am not familiar with a factory loaded cartridge like you describe; I suspect it may be a relaod. If the bullet extends much beyond the case mouth, the cartridge will not fit in the chamber of the Smith & Wesson New Model 3 Target revolver for which it was intended.