32 acp maybe?


I came across this 32 semi rimmed round with a headstamp .32 A.S.P The headstamp also says S.A. Corp. The primer has some kind of symbol like a $ sign over a U? Thanks In Advance For Your Help, joe


32 ASP would be the 32 Savage Automatic Pistol. S.A.Corp is Savage Arms Corporation. The $ on the primer is the symbol for U.S.C.Co.

jonnyc is the resident expert on 32ACP and he can correct my mistakes and fill in the details.


Wow, thanks, but I’m not even close! I do like military/police ammo in that caliber, but commercial is another world to me.
The only comment I would make here is that the ASP would more closely represent Automatic Savage Pistol, instead of Savage Automatic Pistol…but what’s a few letters between friends? ;)

The Savage line of automatic pistols in .32, and later .380, was quite popular in the early 20th Century, and I would guess second only to Colt among US-made pocket pistols. So why would Savage want to provide free advertising for Colt? Sort of like Colt’s use of .38 Colt New Police and .38 Colt Special as nomenclature for the exact same cartridges carrying S&W in their names.

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Savage Arms Company manufactured auto pistol cartridges in calibers .25 Auto, .32 Auto and .380 Auto. I have no data on when each of those three was introduced by them, but it would seem they were Post-WWI, perhaps c.1920, and may have been a response to a market increased by the thousands of souvenir pistols brought to the U.S. by returning veterans of the “Great European War.”

The chronology for the manufacturers of ammunition for and by Savage Arms is as follows:

1895-1899 Union Metallic Cartridge Company
1900-1927 Savage Arms
1928-1934 The United States Cartridge Company
1935-1963 Remington Arms Company

The headstamp names on auto pistol ammo, used at various times and in what I believe is the order they were used, were

S.A.Co. - used with serif and non-serif letters, name at top of headstamp, caliber at the bottom.

S.A.CORP. - non-serif letters only, caliber at the top of headstamp with factory designator at the bottom.

The earliest S.A.Co. headstamp shows the caliber as .32 A.C.P. Later specimens use the .32 A.S.P. appellation.

There is one cartridge in .32 caliber that is erroneoudly caliber-marked “.380 A.S.P.” From the fit of the letters on the headstamp, it is pretty clear that the bunter used was not improperly made, but rather was a bunter made for stamping .380 Cartridges.

One strange headstamp made for Savage is RA-UMC .32 A S P with a “U” on the primer. I only am really familiar with auto pistol cartridges, but I don’t recall ever seeing any other use of this “RA-UMC” marking, at least that I can recall. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t ever used on anything else!

My time now doesn’t permit any look at .25 or .380 production.

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I would like to revisit the subject of the Savage Arms .32 auto rounds briefly, as I simply ran out of time before a chore to finish it up.

Bullets in .32 A.S.P. rounds were offered in FMJ RN and in JSP versions. All I have encountered have the jackets tinned.

Primers can be found in four “marking” variations.

No markings on the primer cup. These appear to be limited to domed copper cups. It is these that caused me to put the word “markings” in quotes as this first variation is actually the ABSENCE of a marking.

S - entire marking is a serif-letter “S” and again, the primer cup is copper, but my specimen is a flat-faced cup.

US - letters side by side, exactly as type here. Cups are flat and made of brass.

US - with the two letters intertwined in a trademark style that resembles a dollar sign ($) but actually is not. Encountered on both flat and domed brass primer cups.

The Remington “RA-UMC .32 A S P” headstamp has a serif-letter “U” on the llat copper primer cup.

All forms of this caliber Savage ammunition are in brass cases with Boxer primer pocket. Dummies were made that have the entire cartridge tinned.

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I can also mention that the very early boxes by S.A.Co. contained only 10 cartridges, these being of the variation headstamped S.A.Co. .32 A.S.P. with a primer unmarked or marked S. A detailed examination of these items was made by Pitman, who obtained these on June 24, 1910. These boxes must be extremely rare, and it seems that they are unknown to advanced Savage pistols collectors.

Boxes marked “Savage Arms Company” or “The Savage Arms Company” were made before the US entered the war, as production of this pistol was halted in 1917 to concentrate on making Lewis machine guns, and also to set up the .45 pistol manufacturing line at the A. J. Savage Munition Co. in San Diego. The .32 Savage auto. was announced to be re-released by S.A.Corp. on april, 1919.



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I am trying to see if I can date individual rounds based upon primer markings. So would this be 1900-1927 production?