32 Auto

I have a 32 ACP with the following h/s M.F. .32 AUTO. What country is this from?
Thank You Carolyn

Australia. MF stands for the Footscray #1 ammunition factory that was in Melbourne Victoria.
The MF 32 auto is not a common cartridge and I have seen them sell in the 10-25 dollar range at Australian auctions.

Carolyn - .32 Auto is an interesting caliber. There are plenty of rare ones to keep it interesting, a good assortment of bullet types, the occasional non-brass cartridge case, and a multitude of cartridges. I think next to the 9 mm Para and the .45 ACP, it may have the most variations. I don’t collect dates and I think I have about 1,000 .32s

As I recall, there are bunter variations with the M.F. 32 Auto round from Australia. I think I have two slightly different headstamps in my own collection, and there may be more. It used to be fairly common years ago - I am not talking about “shooting commom,” but rather that if a collector seriously wanted one, it didn’t take to long to run one down. I don’t recall seeing many of them around for the last ten years or so, though, and goes along with what our friend from Australia said about it.

I’m still looking for an empty box for them after 35 or 40 years! I have received serveral pictures of them, but the cardboard itself is hard to find.

Good hunting!