.32 cal. Rimfire Blanks

I have three rimfire blank cartridges which I believe are .32 cal? I found that the “H” headstamp indicates Winchester as the manufacturer. Looking to find out years made and if they have any collector value. Thanks for your help.

06-17-2012 Photos added:

A photo would help. However, if they are just run of the mill blanks, they are very common and, worth only about 10 cents ea. If they have raised headstamps, they could be worth a dollar or more depending which headstamp they have. M. Rea

Thanks for your help M. Rea. I am not an ammo or cartridge collector. These came from a client who had a firearms collection he inherited. I am researching to ammo and cartridges and any that have collector value I am listing at auction. I suspect you are correct in your assessment of these blanks. I did include my photos in an edit of my post. They look better than they do in the enhanced photos because. The camera cptures more detail than necessary. Regards,