.32 Colt New Police mid-range cartridge

I recently located the box of UMC .32 Colt New Police Mid-Range cartridges shown below. The mid-range cartridge is similar to the .32-44 S&W Target cartridge, having a flat nose conical lead bullet seated deep in the case with just the nose of the bullet protruding a bit past the case mouth. I had never seen a UMC example of this cartridge, but have seen the WRA Co loading. I assume production by UMC was quite limited, but have no catalogs or production information to support my assumption. Winchester first listed the mid-range load in 1907, but did not list it in 1908, then listed it again from 1917 through 1930 according to Dan Shuey (WRA Co Headstamped Cartridges & Their Variations). Assuming this load was introduced around 1907, when Winchester first listed it, that would allow only about 5 or 6 years of production by UMC prior to their merger with Remington Arms.

Guy–The .32 Colt New Police-Midrange was first listed by U.M.C. in 1906. I do not have the 1907 or 1908 catalogs, but it is no longer listed in the 1909 catalog. So, U.M.C produced it for, at most, 3 years, possibly less.

Like Winchester, Remington Arms Co. reintroduced it sometime between 1924 and 1928. I have the 1923 catalog and it is not in that one. My next catalog is 1929 and it is listed in it. It is also in the 1930 catalog, which is the last catalog I have compiled so far. If your interested, I can pull the catalogs from 1931 forward and see when it was discontinued.

Thanks Ron. So it would appear that UMC was the first to load it, or at least the first to list it, and Winchester just followed their lead to compete for what turned out to be very limited demand. I would expect REM-UMC dropped it shortly after Winchester, as most of the ammunition makers product lines were reduced in the 1930s following the depression. I’m not aware if anyone else produced the .32 NP mid-range.