32 Long Colt bullet

Found this round headstamped U.M.C. .32 L.C.F. with an outside lubricated bullet.I have the same headstamp on a cartridge with inside lub bullet,and on the Brandt’s book I have not seen any 32 long colt (inside lub,longer case) loaded with this kind of bullet

Is this a propietary bullet by UMC?


That looks to me like a reload. If you look at the way the brass is bulged along the length of the bullet - this is common in reloads. Also the darker base of the case for 3-4mm up from the rim coincides with where a sizing die would end its stroke - again common with reloads.


It had a very heavy crimp.I had to unload it according to the italian law and to reput the bullet I had to enlarge the case mouth a bit.

I have another 32 LC round with the same headstamp and with the standard inside lub bullet.It is an original load and the primers are identical


I believe that is an inside lubricated bullet. It has the appearance of the standard Ideal 32 Long cast bullet and also those found on the later Western and Winchester factory loads.



bullet diameter is .315" / 8,01 mm,a bit oversize for the standard 32 Long Colt.

It fits the 32 long colt outside lub bullet diameter

However the outside lub version of this cartridge should have a shorter case

The bullet had not the typical signs of the mold


I think that .313 to .315 is the standard bullet diameter for the 32 Long. That would also be the case neck diameter of a loaded outside-lubricated cartridge. The inside-lubricated cartridges would have an outside neck diameter of .335".

Did the bullet have lubricating grooves? It may not have mould marks if it was swadged rather than cast.