32 mm punt gun steel cases box

No hst, 405 stamped on some cases


Are they live rounds? Never saw a whole box. Anything on the box itself?

No markings on the box! Some of the rounds are reloaded with powder only!

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in which country did you find this box ?

GREAT box !

En Suisse JP… Switzerland!

is it one of these one ?


While unloading black powder and cleaning the ctgs, found a very faint hst one one case only

St-Etienne and some kind of logo before!


Great shell. Looks to have four notches cut / filed in the rim at 0600h

To me it looks more like the marks of a vice.

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don’t see any marks on the other side, but then I can’t see all of the other side

Pete, the other side here would be the case mouth!

It that is so, because I would guess this shell is 8 or 9 inches long, that would seem to have been a very large vice?

True! As the case is semi-rimmed maybe one tried to grab only the rim in the vice?