.32 oddity

  • I recently got a .32 fired brass shell case headstamped “FC 32 AUTO”. What is unsual about this .32 brass shell case is that it had been fired by .380 pistol. Since the .32 is much smaller in diameter it cannot sit correctly into a .380 chamber and this is a very dangerous situation for the shooter and the gun may be damaged too. The guy who gave me this .32 oddity shell case told me that at the firing range somebody else by mistake had loaded his pistol magazine with a .32 round instead using the normal .380 ammo. —> I took a comparative photo [it will posted below by the IAA member “sksvlad”] which shows from left to right: unfired .32 round, the .32 oddity, fired .380 case and unfired .380 round. Note how the .32 fired brass shell case [the oddity] is deformed at the same diameter like the .380 fired case. It’s unusual because the .32 brass shell case fired by the .380 pistol did not split. Any opinions or comments??? Liviu 01/27/09

Liviu’s photo

This seems to be a duplication of another posting of the same thread.

  • @ John Moss: You’re right. I posted by mistake this topic twice. Liviu 01/27/09