.32 Rossi Garrucha


Hello All,
I’m trying to fill in the many missing blanks in my database.
What is a .32 Rossi Garrucha?
I’m looking for a photo of one and some information about it.
I am guessing that it was either a short lived cartridge or an experimental.
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The following info is from Brandt’s Manual of pistol and revolver cartridges:
Bullet dia: .0298 - .0300
Case neck dia: .299
head: .317
rim: .368
case material: brass nickled
primer: boxer
Cartridge length: .980 - 1.004
Headstamp: - CBC - -320- & - CBC - 320

The brazilian manufacturer “Companhia Brasileria de Cartuchos” is also producing the 2 pistol calibres .320 and .380 Garrucha. The rimmed cartridges were made for double barreled derringer pistols.

hope this is of use there is no photo.


I had one box of this ammunition, .320. I preseated a friend with it.
It manufactures for the CBC, boxes with 25 cartridges, one pice, loaded with black powder.
I believe that it was manufactured in the 1930’s decade.
In Brazil, this type of weapon was very popular. had to its low cost.
I will go to photograph and post


The .320 Garrucha (Derringer) cartridge has been made for some time in Brazil. I don’t have exact dates, but the last CBC Catalog I have that mentions it, while undated, has a passage in the Introduction that refers to exportations “exported up to 1979,” so the catalog is no earlier than that year. I will try later to have my friend post pictures of the .320 and .380 Garrucha rounds, from the catalog.

Regarding Rossi-headstamped rounds, an answer in the Questions and Answers column of the “American Rifleman” magazine, issue of November 1980, pages 60 and 61, claims that the .320 Garrucha casrtridge “is specifically made for this gun by Rossi, and used a 99-1 lead-antimony bullet, a small charge of black-powder, and a Berdan primer.” A photo caption of a picture showing some cartridges scattered around a Rossi box says the the .320 is the only cartridge made by the Rossi factory. The article also shows what is purported to be a Rossi factory drawing of the cartridge. I have heard in the past from good Brazilian sources that CBC made the cartridges for Rossi, so this information from the NRA must be accepted with reservations, unless someone has precise information that confirms or repudiates it.


J. Moss Collection


J. Moss Collection


Thanks to all of you and especially to “Jones” for the photos.
I didn’t know about the .380 version.
Do any of you have dimensions that you could share with me?

I built an Access database years ago to accomodate cartridge information long before the ECRA database was built. I add in cartridge images along with dimensional information, historical information and box photos. I have 3459 cartridges documented and over 8000 box photos. I am trying to find the more elusive cartridges and photos of European boxes.
I am enjoying this more than actually collecting the cartridges themselves.
Yes, I do have a collection. It is in a large printers cabinet that I bought from George Hoyem years ago (thanks George) and rebuilt it to house my collection. I have about 1800-2000 cartridges as well as boxes.

Thanks again to all of you.

Brian Clark


Glad you enjoyed the photos. Joe is great about posting them for me. I am too old and ignorant to figure it out. I’m sorry but a complete search of my library turned up no credible measurements for the .380 Garrucha cartridge. The newest edition of “Handbuch der Pistolen-und Revolver Patronen,” shows some measurements, but the fact they don’t show a picture of the cartridge, nor the case length, nor do they seem to know anything about the cartridge, all makes me ask how they derived the neck, base and head dimensions. I am highly suspect of the information given. There are errors in this book, like in any. If you want the measurements that are given, I will post them, but I simply don’t see how, without even a cartridge to photograph and not knowing the case length, that they came up with them. In the interim, I will see if any friends have this cartridge and can measure it for me. I don’t collect handgun types other than those designed for auto pistols.