32 S&W auto experimental

Why this ctge is not listed in the IAA price list ?
And what is the value?

I would say a good price for one in nice condition would be about $20. That is what I am asking for my duplicate example and I have been told by a experienced collector, that is about spot on price wise. gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =500005648


thank you Joe
But why this ctge is not listed in the IAA price list ?

It is controversial. No documentation has ever come to light to prove it was actually produced to my knowledge other than a box label from a box of Remington rounds reading “.32 S. & W. Auto.” according to White and Munhall.
Basically I feel, someone could easily take a stock .32 ACP metal cap round and just turn the rim and extractor groove and whala.


thank you very much for the explanation

Having always been intrigued by the .35 S&W Auto and the “why?” factor of its existence, I found this thread interesting and picked up an example of the “.32 S&W Auto” and a .35 S&W Auto ripe for the pullin’ to have a closer look at the subject.

Shown for reference below are (L-R):
REM-UMC 32 ACP weighing 116.0 gr.with a 70.3 gr. bullet .312” dia…
U.M.C. .32 A.C.P. weighing 113.7 gr. (the subject of this thread).
REM-UMC 35 S&W weighing 122.0 gr. with a 75.6 gr. bullet…317” dia.

I looked though the available catalogs from U.M.C. and others and found no Metal Point loadings for the .32 ACP. The .32 S&W 88 gr. load was the closest. Then I later found this thread searching the Forum:


Most interesting are the following passages in a post by Lew:

June 21 1910 We made 1M of these cartriedges for S&W using a metal point bullet. Order # 739431/2 C.

Oct 1910 S&W ordered 5M more on order #20500C Oct.7-10

June 13 1911 S&W order for 5M cartridges (#9558C) like last metal point only perfectly headless and not crimped)

Perhaps the June 13, 1911 entry is a reference to the topic at hand?

Any U.M.C. metal point .32 ACP (regular case) examples out there?

Thanks for any input!


Does anyone know where one could obtain a copy of the UMC factory logs that are referenced in the thread linked in the above post?