.32 S&W Cartridge Box


A friend gave me this box of .32 S&W ammo. The manufacturer is scratched out. However, you can still make out that the first letter of the name is “H.&” followed by “Co.” and below that is “Newyork City”. It also says “Made In Germany”. Any guesses as to who made this and when?



The design of this cartridge box (printing style and format and the round corners of the box) would indicate manufacture by Selve-Kronbiegel-Dornheim A.-G. Munitionsfabrik, S



  Thanks for the information.  I don't have access to the articles you mentioned.

  The ammo is marked .32 above the primer and S&W below the primer. What years were these produced? Just curious as the box is in really good condition.  The lead slugs are starting to oxidize.



I am sorry that I postulated that the headstamp would probably, basically, read .38 S&W. Of course it is 32! I got into a dumb mindset from the sources I was using, which don’t show a .32 box - only .38 and .38 Special. Sorry about that. I am glad to see that I was at least correct about the basic format - caliber only, split between 12 O’Clock and 6 O’Clock on the headstamp.

Those same sources indicate that the time-frame for these cartridges is the 1920s and 1930s.


Thanks for the information.


With the help of friends Bob Taylor and George Kass, the name H. & D. Folsom came up. I checked my own library and found I have an original catalog from the H. & D. Folsom Arms Company, 314 Broadway, New York.
It is their Police Equipment Catalogue No. 32, and while the only ammo it shows is Winchester 12 Ga OO Buck Shot loads, this is NOT their commercial catalog, one of which they undoubtedly had, since among other things, they imported an H & D Folsom Arms Company line of shotguns, primarily of Belgian make.

there is no date on the catalog, but it include an order form with a date line of _____192, indicating it was the 1920s. This squares with the contents, which include not only the Remington 29R Riot pump shotgun, but also the Winchester 97 shotgun and Winchester Model 94 carbine, the Ithaca Auto Burglar shotgun-pistol and the Harrington & Richardson Handy Gun. Most important in dating it (and interest) it includes the Model 1921 Thompson Submachine Gun, sold at a whopping $200.00 (only $175.00 if you could do without the Cutts Comp)!

There is a catalog printing number of 30929 which may be the date March 09, 1929.

A logo on the top of the order form surmounts a line saying “Since 1860” so they were in business for quite a long time.

No guarantee this is the “missing” company from your box label, but it sure is likely! Up to you to decide for yourself, although now, maybe someone who knows more about this box can confirm or dispute the ID.