32 S&W Identification

Enclosed is photos of 2 32 S & W’s that I have in my collection that I know nothing about. The third far right cartridge, is a current production standard 88 grain load for comparison. I weighed 10 cartridges loaded with the standard 88 grain bullet and their average was 130 grain loaded weight. The far left cartridge that is marked S & W 32, I weighed it and it weighed 102 grains, a full 28 grains lighter than the standard commercial load. The middle cartridge is a full metal jacket that weighs 112 grains, 18 grains less than the standard commercial load. During WWII Remington loaded some 32 S & W’s for the war effort with a 71 grain full metal jacket but these are head stamped REM-UMC 32 S & W. I would assume the middle cartridge is also loaded with a 71 grain full metal jacket but do not know who the manufacture would be or the time frame or for what purpose it was loaded with a full metal jacket. The first load is a total mystery as to who loaded and what weight of bullet it is loaded with since it is so light. Any insight would be appreciated.