32 S&W Largo DGH

A french made 32 S&W Long box for Argentine. Is DGH really Di Goacomo & Hijo - Buenos Aires ?


Hi Chassepot, great box!

The original company named De Giácomi Hermanos was established by brothers Juan and Alejandro De Giácomi and dissolved in 1940. Then Juan and his son Juan Jr. established Armería y Cuchillería “Los Dos Leones” de Juan De Giácomi e Hijos (they owned the “The Two Lions” brand name), and on the other hand his brother established Alejandro De Giácomi e Hijo S.R.L. (they owned the “Doblete” brand used in shotshells).

These boxes are very hard to find even in Argentina, although cartridges are often found in considerable quantities. The “DGH” in acronym or monogram style is found in .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .38 S&W, .38 S&W Special, .22 Long Rifle, 6 mm Flobert, 9 mm Flobert, and lots of shotshells.

Any other Argentine contract box?