.32 S&W Long Targetmaster

Recent gunshow find… Full box headstamped “REM-UMC 32 S&WL”.

With the product code “R172” and stamped code “X13GNK320” I am thinking this box is from the second half of 1939.

Do I have that right?


Interesting, I acquired a double handful of these loose cartridges a few years ago and didn’t know exactly what they were and when the were produced.

Go to the Home Page, look up Ron’s excellant article on dating Rem Cartons. You can probably come up with a date. And, since that is an unusual box, maybe it could be added to the article?



I referenced Ron’s article as well as the wonderful catalog selection and Dick Fraser’s article on Remington codes in the Journal issue 469. While I thought the box style was more '50’s-ish, it seems all indications are that it is indeed pre-war and most likely from 1939.

From those resources we find:

-The “Rxxx” product code was not used after WWII. This load was item code 1332 after the war.
-The description “Sharp Shoulder” was last used in 1940 and later became “Wadcutter”.
-The stamped code indicates 1939, 1950 or 1961.

Still, thought I’d post pics of my new find and see if others were in agreement with the date of manufacture.