32 S&WL headstamp error?

I was just going thru some pistol rounds when I found two
D.C.CO. 32 S&WL roll crimp blanks that are not longs but regular 32 S&W. C/L is .596 with a pink purple topwad.
Has any one else seen this. Is it a rare bunter mistake or did Dominion do this a lot. I have a couple of 25 acp’s with R - P 32 S&WL headstamp and they are quite uncommon.
Any comments?
Bob R.


Bob - I am not sure you can apply the same standards to a blank that you would to ball ammunition. A revolver blank, since there is no feeding function involved, can be any length from as long as a normal case for that caliber to barely long enough to hold powder and a wad. Case length simply is not important with revolver blanks, and they come in all lengths and many crimp styles. If I were manufacturing a blank that, for reasons of case capacity, ignition, wads, crimp style, or etc., was to be made shorter than a normal cartridge of that caliber, I would use brass headstamped for the caliber of the gun I intended the blanks to be used in. In the case of .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long, I would opt for the Long headstamp so that everyone would know they could use them in that caliber, as well as in guns chambered only for .32 S&W. Of course I realize that you could say it the other way as well - it should be headstamped .32 S&W so that people with those guns would know it is not only for .32 S&W Long. The main point is that for a revolver blank, the case length is simply irrelevent, so I don’t feel that this would represent any particular error on the part of D.C.Co. Maybe I am wrong about D.C.Co’s intent, but to find revolver blanks headstamped for a caliber, but that have a shorter case than the norm for that caliber, is not particularly unusual.