.32 Short RF "H" sound blank

Is this a legitimate crimp?


Vlad, could you rephrase the question?

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If you are asking if this is a factory-applied crimp, in my opinion it is. It looks too precise and uniform to be “home-made”.

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I always called it a 6-ear crimp. The proper Winchester name is “Star Crimp”.



These crimp spikes obviously don’t allow auto feeding. So I thought it could be a revolver only sound blank. which is exactly what Paul’s box above proves. Originally I thought it could be a home job. I am sieving through a lot of pistol ammo encountering things I’ve never seen before. Thanks for help. Sorry for being so daft.

When I posted there were no images in the thread except for the headstamp…

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Sorry, I was adding them one by one, under pressure, at home.

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As far as I know there were never any automatic guns made in .32 Rimfire.

There were lever action rifles in this calibre. In that case the crimp spikes may cause problems with feeding as you thought.

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