32 short RF with Gevelot&Gaupillat headstamp

I have what is seems a 32 short RF round with Gevelot&Gaupillat headstamp “G”.Did this factory made this caliber too?



I don’t know if Gevelot made a “G” headstamped 32 Short RF. According to Kass’s “Rimfire Headstamp Guide” Gevelot made a 320 Long with a raised “G” headstamp (Kass G-2). In the early 1880’s Winchester made a 32 Short Rimfire with a raised “G” for Brown and Brothers of New York and marketed them as “Victor” brand cartridges. These can be found with both copper and tin plated copper cases. They also made 22 shorts with a raised “G”.


How about a picture of the headstamp. There are a number of firms that used “G”. Thanks.

Here is the Winchester 32 short RF Raised “G”


Some GEVELOT 32 (or 320) short and long RF .


From left to right:32 Short RF with “G” headstamp,320 revolver short,320 revolver short inside primed,32 long RF


Ehm… The last one has the American Metallic Cartridge Co. headstamp,someone told me that this is an uncommon item,is it true?


Hi Pivi
are you sure your round is from Gevelot or Gaupillat ?
Yves ?

Hello Pivi,

Over here a 32 Long raised “A” (American Cartridge Co) sell for a Dollar or two. The one you have pictured has an unusual looking bullet for an American Cartridge Co 32 Long. Normally they have a wide distinctive belt. Maybe it was just worn away with time.


In one word …boh?.I think it is a gevelot made round.But I’m not discussing about maker,I would like to know if it is a 32 Short RF or another cartridge only

About me I would be interested to know if it is a Gevelot or Gaupillat ctge.