32 Winchester Special Vintage Ammunition Question

New member here , I wanted to ask a question as to the value of my vintage Winchester 32 Special Super Speed Silvertip box of unused ammo.

I was told by a few people this is first year ammo for this caliber in the Silvertip with the crouching grizzly bear and that it is 1940 production. Is this correct ?

Thanks again and it is nice to be be here.

It is hard to assign a value to these, but you can check the collectible auction sites for a current value. Try Wards Collectibles they will at least have a similar box.

someone wrote July 1947 twice on the box . Which would be about right. I have had a couple of these boxes depending on caliber and CONDITION correct cartridges in the box. Has to be a really mint box to get top dollar. Google “Winchester grizzly bear ammunition box” There are a bunch for sale on the web.