32 zvi

Do anyone know anything about the two cartridges headstamped ‘TK-V’ and ‘32 ZVI’?
One of them seems to be an ordinary 9 mm Parabellum cartridge with a brass jacketed bullet, while the other one has the same case body, but is necked to fit what looks like a 7,65 mm THV bullet.

I have listed the 9mm version as a Slovak cartridge, most probably based on information I got when I first received it in September 2012. ZVI a.s. (zvi.cz) is a Czech Company, though, producing amongst other things medium caliber ammunition. I can find no reference to any .32 caliber ammunition on their web site.

Thanks for any information.



the 9mm Luger you got, is made from the Overrun Batch of the .32 ZVI cases (from which the original final form is shown on your right photo), which where left in the factory in Slovakia. As the original buyer hasnt taken and paid them all, the remaining cases where loaded for factory internal use (not for sale!!, which is by CIP-Rules not possible) just as 9mm Luger, which the Basis case was in any way.

Mr. Karnik has ONE pistol made for him by ZVI in this .32 ZVI Caliber (the 9Luger pistol is here: zvi.cz/cz/novinky/)

The letters on the ammo means (Tomas Karnik and his Birthsplace V… TK-V) and the .32 is the real caliber and ZVI stands for the Replik on the used pistol from ZVI…
Its a real potent cartridge and you can find the .32ZVI cal with fmj bullets and the shown THV-form bullet type…

Sorry, i do not have more…

Thanks for posting about that rare cartridge. A similar thing will sometimes happen with the cases for .32NAA going unused and being loaded simply as .380acp: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15241

Thanks for interesting information, Forensic!

Here is a nice page at Noboje.org on this caliber: http://naboje.org/node/5136
and a page at Municion.org: http://www.municion.org/32/32ZVI.htm

[quote=“morten”]Thanks for interesting information, Forensic!

Hi, if this cartrdige is based on a Makarov case, as Munorg states, it can never chamber in a 9 Luger chamber, as the Makarov case is “fatter” at base and mouth, as a 9 Luger…Unfortunatelly, I do not have my specimens at Hand now…
But I will check later…an write here the results…


I was wondering about the same when I saw the cartridges based on the Makarov case.

Both my ZVI cases measure 9,76-9,78 mm (0.3842"-0.3850") just above the extractor groove (the P1 dimention at CIP drawings). This is less than both the 9 mm Para and 9 mm Makarov. Measuring a randomly chosen 9 mm Para (hs G.F.L. 9mm LUGER) gives 9,81-9,83 mm (0.3862"-0.3870") and a 9 mm Makarov (hs 10 83) gives 9,86-9,88 mm (0.3882"-0.3890"). The CIP Maximum cartridge at the same point is 9,93 mm/0.3909" (9 mm Para) and 9,95 mm/0.3917" (9 mm Makarov).

I have never seen any drawing of the .32 ZVI chamber. If it has dimentions in the case head area similar to a 9 mm Para chamber, even the Makarov case can be easily sized to fit in it.


as I am not home, but have access to my pistol and to some Makarov rounds, I tried to load the Makarov round (steel case chinese and steel case russian into the pistol, a Brünner M75 in 9Luger), but they do NOT chamber fully. They stuck halfway out of the Barrels chamber…
Will take measurements at home after 5. of January…
Wish you and all a happy and prosperous (and healthy) new year

Of course it would be possible, to swag the brass case of the 32ZVI or the 9Luger you and I have) to the smaller dims of the 9Luger round, if the parent case was a 9Makarov…


For newer collectors who might be reading this thread, I will mention that while the 9 x 18 mm Makarov and the 9 x 19 mm Parabellum cartridges have the same head (the so-called “Basic 10 mm Borchardt-Mauser head”, the Makarov is a straight-sided case while the Parabellum (Luger) is a tapered case. Therefore, from the base forward, they are different. Being a straight case, the Makarov is generally the larger in diameter of the two, and uses a 0.262 - 0.364" (9.2 mm) bullet diameter as opposed to the nominal 0.355" (9 mm) bullet of the Parabellum cartridge. It is natural that the Makarov will not chamber fully in the 9 x 19 mm Para chamber.

Dear colleagues,
for those who might be interested in info about this caliber - please drop me your e-mail - will send you dimensions and tolerances for proof barrels (sry, don’t know how to post it here :( ).
Concerning the 32 ZVI headstamp - I have paid manufacturing of this headstamp tool as well as cases and have been assured that all cases which were produced - order was for 1000pcs (I’ve got 1130) - will be given to me. As usually, there’re hungry people who try to earn money on something unique (… and loaded ordinary 9L cartridge with .32 H/S cases).
There were several bullets tested - JHP - Gold Dot, HDY XTP, Magtech(CBC); FMJ - S&B, Magtech, Remington; home-made FMJ Truncated Cone and the same shape JSP; brass/copper monoliths - three different weights were loaded and the best results were obtained from 40grs brass “THV” style bullet. Standard loadings are 60 grs XTP, 40 grs monolith and ordinary 71 grs FMJ for training shooting.
Regards from Prague Tomas K.