320 rws

I got his round recently, it looks that it is loaded with small buckshot. I would like to know what was this round intended for and when was it made. Thanks

Vitor - these revolver shot cartridges were generally used for hunting very small game (small birds, etc.) or dispatching rodents.

I cannot tell exactly when your cartridge was made. The .320 Schrotpatrone (shot cartridge) was offered in the earliest RWS cartridge price list I have, which is from 1921. It was still shown in the catalog of 1934 (offered in black powder loading only, by the way). A picture of the cartridge in that catalog shows an RWS 320 headstamp. By the year 1936, it was no longer shown in the Export Catalog. I don’t have the domestic German catalog for that year, but it was probably dropped altogether.

I hope this is of some assistance to you, anyway.

John Moss