.320 S&W Rifle (.32-100) case, cartridge dimensions desired


The more I look into these old S&W cartridges, the less I know. It seems like it might be a shortened .32 Ideal case (sorta, kinda). Does anybody have an example they can measure for me, along with the factory load? Sharpe has it as 11 grains of black, which is the same as the .32-44 Target revolver cartridge. I guess you could use that cartridge in the rifle, but the .320 supposedly had a 1.466" case (plus or minus).

Thanks for any help or direction you can give me.


Hi, i dont know if my document from SFM 1923 can help, perhaps …
It’s for handgun and carbine …
My english language nor allways good …
It’s heavy (+/- 500 mb)
I can’t post it on the IAA Board for save good reading :
I searching more about …
Bsrg, Dan


Thanks for the data! I’ll run through it and see if I can find what I need.