324 7.62x54R

Has anyone seen any 7.62x54R with a headstamp code of 324 or 7.62x54R from a factory 324 (Romania?) that maybe has a different headstamp?

This is a code of “Societatea Comercială Uzina Mecanică SADU - S.A.” of Bumbesti-Jiu, Gorj county.

As Romania was using an alternating code system (related to the last digit of the year) not all years are to be existing with this code.
Depending on the year you can find:
This system was used from the late 1980s till 2005. Sinde 2006 they are using “SADU”.

Great information, thanks!

Just an FYI, I have a Chinese “321” factory code.

Yes, some Romanian codes are often confused with Chinese ones which are partially using the same codes and some others are assumed to be Chinese for no good reason just because the items look similar to Chinese (in particular 12.7x108 and 14.5x114).

I have a bad habit of not paying attention to the surplus market, so sometimes head stamps are here in abundance but I’m not aware of it. If this is one if those times, I apologize. A friend is showing me some unopened cases that show a factory code of 324 and dated 1989. I haven’t seen what’s inside yet.