.325 WSM Bertram Brass

I don’t take it there are any .325 WSM collectors per-se, as this caliber is now obsolete & defunct after a very short life. I was however surprised to see in a recently received new-production box of HSM ammo in this caliber that the brass was not Winchester, but Bertram Brass:

325 wsm bb

Does anyone shoot this or use this 325 wsm for any wildcat cartridges? I have heard of a 375 wsm which seems crazy, but so do many other rounds.

I’ve been hoping lately that Bertram (or anybody) would produce brass for several of the obsolete classic American calibers which Jamison had been doing up until they closed 2 years ago. These are ones which the likes of Reed’s Ammo and Precision Cartridge would load if they had the brass, and as a retail ammo store I have had conversations with shooters who would buy them if they were around.

Calibers such as:

.401 WSL
.351 WSL
.225 Winchester
.356 Winchester
.30 Remington
.32 Remington
.33 Winchester
8x56 M-S
8mm Rem Mag
577 / 450 M-H

Have you contacted him? I believe that Bertram are indeed making some of those calibres again.

There are some real crazy people with the terrible disease of collecting every head-stamp of every caliber they come across. I know one guy with over 14,000 (all catalogued); I also am one of those sick people. “Terrible” disease, but finding more cartridges, seems keeps the pain down :-)

Did any of the WSM’s make it big? I have and still shoot the 300WSM and enjoy it, but I also have the .300 Remington ultra, which seems obscure now also. Americans for some reason never warmed up to the 8mm.