.327 Federal Magnum

Apparently this is a very new calibre, I didn’t know it existed until today. Does anyone have any examples in their collection yet?

Falcon–The .327 Federal Magnum was just announced recently. Click on the link for a complete story on it.


Since this is the traditional time for predictions, I will predict that the 327 Federal Magnum will get off to a slow start and then quickly fade into obscurity.

All of the standard sales hype - develops more fps with just a little less energy at half the recoil. But, I’m sorry. There is no free lunch.

But, if it sells guns and brings more guys into the shooting fold, then I’m all for it.


I didn’t realise just how new it was. Thanks for the article Ron. I’m sure a few inert .327 rounds will turn up over here in a few months, with them fetching ridiculously high prices.

Based on your prediction, I guess I need to buy a box or two, and sit on them until they become super rare.


If you want to get rich in this lifetime you sure do not want to take advice from me. The list of my bad guesses is longer than my nose. I just heard that the stock market will reach 20,000 before the end of 2008. Now, if I can sell some of my Susan B. Anthony dollars I will buy a stock or two. ;) ;)


When you find somewhere to unload your Susan B’s, please let me know. I have a mumber of 1st day issue $2 bills I’d like to move.