.32ACP valve stem covers


did a little upgrade to the HUMMER…

These were made by a company called, Empire Metal Works of Clyde, OH, who knows how long ago.


Very neat. I wonder how long they will stay there before somebody liberates them.
( I was going to say “till the squirrels take them” but I though better of it - look what happened last time I used that line!)

I do however have a serious comment to make. We moan all the time about stupid firearms laws but in Europe in you were to stick absolutly rigidly to the European vehicle type approval laws it would be technically illegal to fit them to a car.

Most countries don’t bother, Britain is very lax but I believe Germany is much stricter on things like that. Its not to manufacturer’ spec.


careful where you park next SLICS !

I’ve personally seen squirrels hanging about in the parking lot trees.


Hey - if you think there is anything unusual about “cartridge valve stem covers” I’ve got news for you. I have a current catalog, mostly of motorcycle parts, upgrades, after-market stuff and accessories, and it has all kinds of “bullet” valve stem covers in it, one set even headstamped “9 mm.” I was going to order some, but a better market developed for me to spend my money in, on Makarov junk. Had to take a pass on those - some were nifty though!

John Moss



That’s pretty sharp looking. I must say I would’ve expected your Hummer to be sporting a set of Pinfire stem caps!

Here is an excellent example of how collecting SAA cartridges has a big advantage over the larger ordnance items. Thought I’d try out a set of these and found the physics to be problematic. At 40 MPH a significant shimmy started. At 65 MPH, a whole new world of excitement opened up on the highway…

No squirrels were harmed in the testing of this product.



Aaron, How much did the threading tap cost you? I am asking this because one of my work colleagues tried to make some aluminium hexagon valve stem covers. Apparently they use a special thread, he found the tap for sale but abandoned the project after he found the only company selling the tap wanted £180 for it! Did you do your .32 ACP ones in a lathe?



I think Aaron purchased his really cool stem caps ready made. Yes, that tap is a specialty item and not many folks sell them. The thread is .305-32 UNS (.305" dia., 32 TPI, Unified National Special). There probably isn’t too much demand as Schrader valve stems and caps are like common fittings, even on hydraulic accumulators, etc., that would simply be replaced if damaged.

Here is an outfit in the US that carries them as well as a pretty good variety of specialty taps: catalog.tapcotaps.com/viewitems/ … resortid=0



Thanks for pointing that out Dave. I missed that.