32EXL cartridge and 20 gauge adapter for this cartridge

I came across these two items recently and would like any info about them.

This forum will only let me post one picture so the other item is a heavy brass adapter that allows this cartridge to be fired from a 20 gauge shotgun. At least that is what I think it is for. I believe this cartridge is loaded with shot pellets. It has a hard cardboard wad on the open end that is held in by a roll crimp of the brass case rim.

Does the adapter have a name on it? Is it rifled? Or smoothbore?

Yes the REM-UMC sounds like it is a shot load. But being an Extra Long might not be for an adapter but for a firearm chambered for .32 Extra Long.

Usually adapters are chambered for more common case types. For instance a revolver cartridge being used in a rifle.

I added quite a bit more in my most recent post. There are no markings whatsoever on the adapter. Appears to be made of one piece of brass but may have a steel insert in the muzzle end of the bore hole.

The bore hole is not rifled, just smooth which is another reason I believe it is for a shoot shell cartridge.

I could tear down the cartridge to confirm it contains shot, but kind of hate to do that.

It’s shot, no need to tear it down. Does it rattle when shaken? is it heavy? if it was a blank it would be neither.

The adaptor could be for a 20/.577 Alexander Henry rifle. See my post on the other thread.

Ta, saw that. Think you might have nailed it, Must be something some one made to cheaply shoot his A.Henry at squirrels?