.33 Cartridge

I came across this drawing in the reference collection adn I can not seem to find anymore info on it, It is called the .33 cartridge and it looks like it was an experimental or trial round for the Government S.A.C. Panel. Can anyone shed any more light on this round, it was in a folder labelled misc military drawings so I am asuming it is military ???

It has the apearance of a scaled down .55 Boys round


Looks like a .33 BSA. IIRC this round was used in the trials along with 6.5x55 and 30-06 which resulted in the decision to adopt a .280" ctg.

I have seen an Eley drawing but it has a round nosed bullet, the case dimensions are almost identical to this one so looking like a .33 BSA, I wonder why it would need a belted case


Bullet is GMCS-jacketed, headstamp is small sized “KYNOCH .33 NITRO” & the primer is flat brass.

If you look at the Head and Belt dimensions, it is basically A 300 H&H upnecked to .33 Calibre, with some adjustments to OAL and Body tapers. Very Much like the .33 BSA.
The 1938 date is contemporaneous with the .55 Boys, but I don’t think the two are related. More Likely an attempt at a specialised Sniping cartridge, or just “Another Commercial”

The “Copied from and Dated September 1945” would indicate a Possible Sniper dedicated cartridge for Army Consideration (Well before the .338 Lapua of Modern day (2015) Snipers)

The “ICI Metals Ltd.” shows that ICI had already begun their separation of the Purely Chemicals (& Explosives) side, from the Cartridge and Brass Production side of the Business.

Doc AV

Information posted above & above a typical .33 BSA with the same headstamp.
Pretty much identical but for the bullet.

I can’t help with the pre-war origins of the drawing but there is definite mention of a similar cartridge in the Ministry of Supply ledger SUPP 4/348 which lists orders and purchases of experimental small-arms and small-arms ammunition.

Despite the first date on the drawing there is no mention of the cartridge in the purchase ledger for 1938.