330 Amron, a radiograph


A sort of a “Write the Caption” post.

I found this radiograph of a cartridge, the back of the picture bore no inscription and the picture was bundled in a pile of unrelated high-speed spark images of projectiles in flight. It’s presumably loaded with four darts or flechettes, but seemingly without powder, does anyone know what it is ?




Possibly a 8.38 x 69mm (.330 Amron), Paul Smith photo:

from a previous discussion here on the Fourm: 8.38mm x 69


Hi Peter,

I agree with Brian that this is the .330 Amron.



With X-rays powder does not show very well, however if you look closely you can see a very, very, very slight difference above and below the fins with to my eye ends or starts just about the middle of the flare of the fin.


Thank you gents, I knew the answer would be found here.