330 Dakota

I got a box of 330 Dakota 250 gr swift a-frame from a local shop just because I did not know anything about it. Cabela’s sells the gun for it for $4500. How common is this ammo?


Simply Google “Dakota Ammunition” and you’ll get a lot of hits.

It’s proprietary ammunition although I don’t know why since any individual can chamber a rifle for it. But then, I’m not a businessman and never could understand why anything is still “proprietary” after being on the market for several years. If Cabella’s is selling both guns and ammo I guess that Dakota only wants to be a “little bit” proprietary.

No more or less common than any other proprietary ammunition.


Ray: Doesn’t the term “proprietary” mean that the cartridge is only produced by the originator of the round such as DAKOTA? To me it means the other big ammo producers do not feel that there is enough demand to to a major production? It also means the cost per box is much higher. But DAKOTA is still developing new rounds the 20 Dakota is new and then they did a 30-06 commemorative round. vic


To me, the term proprietary means that the firearm and/or ammunition is not available over the counter but are sold only by a single source. In many instances the proprietor will copyright or even patent his creation so that no one, not even reamer makers, are permitted to duplicate the cartridge. Commercially, that is. There is nothing to keep an individual from making his own, as far as I know.

But the line between proprietary and commercial is not well defined. Most will eventually cross over completely. Weatherby is a good example. Dakota is evidently one who is on the fence, so to speak.

Others may have their own opinion of what constitutes “proprietary”. That’s mine and maybe mine alone. So I guess you could say that’s my proprietary opinion. :) :)