.333 Jeffery

Hello, I have these . 333 Jeffery which all of different headstsmps and slightly varying stab and point neck crimps. One with split neck loaded with cordite cardboard below shoulder like the .303 . Assuming these were of of hunting origin since most have exposed lead or some other expansion type tip except one with no headstamp. No attraction to magnet. I hate to say this but I could only find some info through the advanced search (Google). I am also with my measuring devices. Will add details when I get my critical devices back. Can everyone teach me about the .333 Jeffery

That is a nice selection of .333 Rimless.
I have 10 variations but not the no h/s or KYNOCH .333 ones.
Noted in 250 and 300 grain loads, magnetic and non-mag projectiles, some pointed or soft-nose split or round nosed. I only have 2 boxes.
I have a blackened neck match? round and a dummy with no primer.
No doubt I am missing many variations.

I wait to see what Pete de Coux and others show from their collections. Ron.

Terry Castle, Jim Buchanan, Roger Mundy & I wrote an article in IAA journal July/ Aug of 2014 #498 pg 38 on these half-blackened cases.

We had a set of 5 Kings Norton headstamped examples in out sale that just ended, you can still download the catalog pdbullets.com

You example without the headstamp looks like a Kings Norton product. Compare the head to your left example.
Also check the measurements of the unheadstamped and shoulder & angle placement, compared to the left & advise.

My drawer- 333 rimless left & middle left, Flanged middle right & 333/280 right. May be some spill-over. Probably more than a few I don’t have.

Pete, yes sir the Kings Norton and the unheadstamped are virtually the same head is
And angle looks the same
KN head
Is this KN typical with the term darkened neck ?

Head to start of darker transition for entire
circumference is

Phillip measurements are Ok
Thought it might be one of the KN .420’s

If you want to know more about the .420’s obtain a copy of Bill Harding’s, Birmingham Gun Makers books

Yes typical. mine is left row 4th from bottom
looking at my drawer to check this I see I have the caption wrong in the above photo & so will correct it.

You can read the article I noted on the IAA members resource center site.