338 Lapua headstamp : Lapua 03

I just found this photo of a .338 Lapua headstamp that is new to me. LAPUA at 12 o’clock 03 at 6 0’clock . with green primer laquer ??
Any information on this ?

Glenn–Two things about your post. To get the image to appear in the post when using Photobucket, use the bottom choice (img). I have corrected your post so the image can now be seen without having to click on your link.

Second, the headstamp can not be read in the photo (or at least it can not be on my monitor). Always state the headstamp in the text as well as the image. This serves two purposes. 1-If the image becomes lost, the information will still be good. 2-It makes the headstamp clear if it is difficult to read in the image.

Case is from normal .338 LAPUA B408 Ball ammo manufactured 2003.