.338" Lapua Magnum sniper ammunition


Is the .338" Lapua Magnum strictly a sniper rifle cartridge or has its use extended to machine guns? Am I likely to find these rounds packed in stripper clips, links or belts or just loose in cartons?



gravelbelly (what a great user name!) -

First off, I think “likely” is perhaps a bit of a stretch, as this loading isn’t - in my experience - a terribly common item.

I believe this was / is made solely as a rifle cartridge and packaged in boxes.



To my knowledge, in that class, only the .408 CheyTac is being touted as a caliber for both roles/

Keith Pagel
FCSA / VHP Magazine


Do they have an MG to fire it from?

I had some correspondence with the CheyTac people a couple of years back, they were looking for details of the 10mm GAU-6 (which I was able to provide from Chinn). But that didn’t help them much, since the 10mm was just a necked-down and lengthened .50 BMG case.

The .338 is sometimes discussed informally as a possible MG round, but any MG between the 7.62mm and the .50 BMG tends to run into the same problems: it wouldn’t be popular for carrying because the gun and ammo weights would be substantially heavier than the 7.62mm (and how often do you need the extra range?), and if you’re fitting it to a vehicle mounting you might as well fit a .50.


Not to my knowledge.