.338 N0RMA magnum

.338 Lapua on left - .338 Norma on right

The head stamp is : "NORMA " at 12 o’clock " 338 Norma Mag " on bottom

Norma has designed a new .338 cartridge for the military market.
Check the current catalogue :
norma.cc/content.asp?Typ=72& … k=Download


It doesn’t look like the 338 Norma magnum of the norma catalog.

There was also in the catalog shown a new 375 Norma Magnum. Does this and the new 300 Norma Magnum also exist (as well as the 338 which we see does exist) ??

Note according to the catalog that these were intended for “big - game” shooting (not military) and were all based on the 416 Rigby (like the 338 Lapua).

This shorter 338 (Norma Mag) was designed by Jimmy Sloan in Arizona for a sniper rifle project four years ago. The actual headstamp is a hint that the US project has been dropped and Norma is trying to market this cartridge.

I found a link:
tacticalgunfan.com/index.php … iew&id=257