338 Whisper #2 dimensional data


Could someone post a picture and dimensional data of the 338 Whisper #2 by JDJ ?

It is based on the 221 Fireball necked up , so it could also be made by shortening a 222 / 223 rem case and it should be very similar to the wildcat 338 - 223



I don’t know exactly. But two things are for sure - it’s a straight case with the neck as necessary to hold a 338 bullet (.360" +/-) and no more than 1.4" long. Make one like that and you can’t be far off.




Don’t have dimensions, but this is a link to a picture from the SSK website that shows the .338 Whisper #2 on the right.




P.S. - Because of the neck diameter, the final case may have to be fire formed (or neck reamed), otherwise you could end up with a bulge.



I have seen the picture and it SHOULD have the same case lenght of the 300 Whisper

Well , I think that the only problem will be the outside neck diameter of the resulting case , if I cut down a 223 rem to that lenght .If I neck up a 221 Fireball case to .338" the neck should be less thick