340 grain .30-06

Does anybody have any info on the 340 grain .30-06 soft points loaded by Winchester? Ie, date range, pics, OAL or what have you

These are described in Chris Punnett’s book p. 350-351 as experimental loads to test the effect of recoil.

Speaking of maximum loads, in the late 1960’s Prof. Lloyd Brownell of the University of Michigan also conducted chamber pressure tests with cartridges of this caliber loaded with 348 and 476 grain bullets. Both were compound designs using one or two 7.35 mm Mod. 38 bullets soldered on top of a Remington 220 grain Soft Point Core-Lokt.



Here’s the more common 280 grain recoil test load by Remington. Can you visualize heavier bullets?


Good god. 476 grain!? Jeeze, my shoulder hurts after a few 220 grainers from my Remington 700. Ouch.

can you tell us charge weight and muzzle velocity of the recoil test load you show? I do not have Punnett’s book.

That would be very interesting from an interior ballistics point of view (muzzle energy per grain of propellant compared to standard loads).

Those 220 gr. .30-06 loads were common at my wife’s family deer camp in Vermont. As i recall, they said they were suitable for white tail, black bear and moose, all of which could be encounterd during the day’s hunt. I found them to be punishing, but those old Green Mountain Boys were real men I guess…

It is interesting to learn of heavier loads in this caliber… Thanks for posting!