340 Revolver CF or IP

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The dimensions match the 340 Revolver short, 8.72 x 14.71 mm but is it a rimfire or inside primed?

Any crimp in the case above the rim?

a smooth case, but head does seem to have an indent which may indicate Internal Primer

All of the copper cased .340 with an E headstamp that I’m aware of are rimfire.

Also the profile of the rim is what is important in determining a rim fire from inside primed.

Thank YOU gentlemen that was the answer I was looking for! Rimfire!

Pete “Profile of rim?”

A profile of the rim. A profile is the shape from the side, When you see someones side of their face your looking at their profile, right?
1 an outline of something, esp. a person’s face, as seen from one side : the man turned and she caught his profile.

My question was how is the profile of the rim different between an inside primed and rimfire?

Ask yourself how they work, a rimfire rim has to be thick or thin enough to ignite the fulminate when hit, an inside primed cartridge only has to fit the chamber, and so can have a wider tolerance in regard to the rim thickness.
It’s not the only factor in deciding IP or RF, but can be looked at for help.
Usually, not always, IP cartridges are brass cased. And it doesn’t hurt to check with a magnet.