.340 Wby Mag rose crimp blank round

Does this have some obvious use that I don’t get? Makes me think line thrower/rescue rifle purpose.

COAL is approx 70,85 mm. Primer is Norma (NP). Sounds almost completely full of powder.


perhaps a Movie Blank ???

I guess that’s a guess as valid as any other, but I can’t think of any films where a .340 Wby Mag needs a blank stand-in. Seems to me it would be pretty dangerous too with this kind of crimp, with the danger of brass shards/fragments flying should they break away from the case.

There are some movie blank made to function automatic weapons, these would likely have a full charge and a crimp such as this. But the problem with those is venting & for safety it’s not out the barrel. Most of the ones I’m aware of use a mixture of different powders to allow function and minimal gas release.

So if it was for the cinema I’d think it might be used in a re-chambered firearm with a heavy mechanism.

But some how I don’t think it’s a movie blank, but perhaps a tool blank, or some kind of serious propulsive tool / firearm?

Seem I remember the guys using mortars to propel a charge into snowbank for controlling avalanches, Some were using cut down artillery shells or pneumatic pressure, Perhaps this was a short range item? I don’t know all this bit is just a WAguess,