.345 Machine Rifle cartridge value

There was an auction recently for a .345 S.L. Machine Rifle cartridge that ended at $249.00. Is that a typical value for these, or for this variation anyway?:


I have a factory dummy in .345. I think I recall paying about $300 for it a few years back.
Hope that helps.

yes, ball park

.345" Machine Rifle…just a Military Description of the M1907 .351 WSL ( with a FMJ bullet.)

Aside from the “w” marked primer, very easy to Fake…so beware.

Doc AV

Doc AV, these have different case types. The .345 case is rimless, while the .351 is semi-rimmed.

As I said, easy to Fake ( Turn rim and Headstamp off .351SL, and assemble with FMJ proj.). If the .345 Had a headstamp, then it would be more difficult (but not impossible) to “Fake”.

Doc AV

There are 2 significant variations to the case type extractor groove; wide and narrow. I suppose the wide extractor groove variation was the first as existing .351 SL cases could have their rims turned down. To me, the round in question has the narrow extractor groove and therefore was not made from a .351 SL case.

Below is a picture of the standard .351 SL round next to a factory dummy with the wide extractor groove (and headstamped WRA Co 351 SL) and a ball loading with the narrow groove. It is unheadstamped and has a ‘w’ on the primer.

As to value, its on the upper end. I paid less for the rounds pictured. A round just sold in the Mick McLaughlin auction for $220 plus fees, but I don’t know which variation it was. This is the first 150 gr variation that I’ve ever seen for sale.


The round in the recent auction had a brass case and a shorter CN/tinned bullet.
I was an absentee bidder, but if there I would have gone beyond the $220+.