.347 Zuikis

Help please, I am searching for information on the calibre .347 Zuikis. It has come to my attention concerning a custom made South African hunting rifle. Age unknown but recent.

My guess is its probably a necked down version of an existing calibre rather than a complete original but any information would be welcome.



I live in South Africa but don’t know this one. Any more info on the rifle, perhaps I can track it down on my side. Manufacturer etc.

Hi Will
Thanks for replying on this one. Unusually for this forum it has returned a complete blank so it must be a vanity calibre.

The name Zuikis does exist and if you google it a lot of sites come up in Lithuania so I presume thats where the name originates. Not a country famous for its custom rifles or for ammunition development. Maybe some rich Lithuanian had a taste for personalised safari rifles.

No doubt a few people will have scribbled it down in their notebooks so I feel justified in flagging it up for the record.

Thanks again for the offer but I think this one has run its course.