.348 Winchester Wildcat?

Hi everyone
I recently purchased a cartridge that I am unable to identify. It is a .348 Winchester casing formed into a rimless .360 caliber cartridge. The bullet is exactly .360" and has a copper or brass cap at the tip. It was found in a collection that was accumulated in the 1960s and 1970s. Any ideas on this cartridge would be great. Thanks
Rim diameter= .545"
Rim thickness= .040"
Base diameter= .545"
Shoulder diameter= .478"
Neck diameter= .386"
Case length= 2.240"

Roy Gradel had several wildcats based on the .348 Win. case. Some were rimless and some were a rimmed versions of the same cartridge. I have only seen the 7mm and .30 Gradel Express magnums. This doesn’t look like one of his as the Gradel rounds had radius shoulders like a Weatherby cartridge.

Thanks for the lead, Sportclay!
The head of the 7mm rimless Gradle Express has a very similar appearance to this cartridge. You are right that the shoulder doesn’t quite match.

Hadn’t thought of the Gradle because of the radically different shoulder but here is what is labeled as a .30 Warren Campbell. However I think that must be the name of the guy who gave it to a previous owner. it is a Gradle waiting to be fire formed in a Gradle chamber.
Headstamp and primer same as yours. case length is 2.259" Bullet is .308"

Thanks, Pete,
That cartridge does indeed seem very similar. The only difference is the caliber and .360" seems like a more obscure caliber in terms of wildcatting. My cartridge may be a product of Roy Gradle, as the time periods certainly match to my knowledge. I can’t imagine there were more than a few wildcatters in the 1950s and 1960s lathing the rim off of a .348 Winchester.