Can anyone help me to identify the following Cartridge. It based on a .45 Wichester Magnum Case with Hdst. WW SUPER .45 WIN MAG.
All dimensions are in mm


Wildcat. No idea what the name might be.



My records show it as a 38-45 Safe Stop, which is from what I can tell more or less a 38/45 acp but built on the 45 Win mag case to hold more pressure with its 1400 to 1500fps loads. But it being a wildcat it could be called most anything “?”


Would I be right in thinking the doner cartridge was a .308 (et al)?


Yes Vince, many of the similar wildcats were made from 30-06 and 308 brass. Many 357 Auto Mag cases were made from .308W. The 45 WIN MAG case had thinner walls so you could get a little more powder space with it, but the extra capacity was hardly needed in a pistol cartridge.



I have a nearly identical empty case. It is 4mm shorter, and the neck is shorter, but the shoulder angle appears to be the same. It was made from a Starline .45 Win. Mag. case.

Still trying to positively ID it.



Everybody and his brother-in-law has fooled around with necking down the .45 WIN MAG and the 10 MM and 10 MM MAG cartridges. It is becoming the national past time. It is hard to ID all of them, and once you have a name on them, it still is hard to find out anything about them.
The only one of the lot that went anywhere was what is now called the 9 x 25 mm Dillon, and it didn’t set the world on fire.

Everyone keeps trying to soup up the auto pistol cartridge, and to little purpose IMHO. There are limits to the amount of recoil and muzzle blast that even a proficient shooter can handle well on the target range or in the “real world,” and frankly, few if any of these rounds offer any practical advantage over the .45 ACP round. Perhaps the .50 G.I. does a little, which of all these rounds, seems to be the most practical and sensible approach to uping the anti on the .45 Auto. Shot placement is still 90% of the game, not the cartridge itself (within sensible parameters - obviously a .45 is better than a .22 short for anything but plinking and target shooting).

Well, not trying to foment an argument. We all have our opinions about these things.


LAR actually offered a .357/45 Win Mag wildcat for their Grizzly semi-auto pistol.