35 Adolph

Good day Gentlemen,
I need some help with this please. I believe this is a 35 Adolph, but there is not a lot of info about this. Was this a wildcat or a prototype for something else? There is no headstamp and it has a rebated rim

Daan - Some dimensions would help a lot. Offhand, it also looks like a 358 Lee Magnum which was one of several wildcats made from a 425 W.R. case.

Just a guess.


Hi Daan, this looks like a .35 Adolph Express based on the 11.2 x 72 Schüler case and designed for Mauser action rifles. You may find some sources saying it was the same cartridge as the .35 Newton but this is no correct. Can you post its dimensions?

Sorry guys, should have thought about that. Here goes:

Rim: 11.94mm (0.47")
Base: 13.29mm (0.525")
Rim to shoulder: 51.84mm (2.041")
C/L = 63.83mm (2.513")
Bullet 9.07mm (0.357")
Neck 9.76mm (0.384")
OAL 84.82mm (3.34")


Daan, sorry to bother you again, but can you add the shoulder diameter you double check that of the base?

Base = 13.29mm
Shoulder 12.60mm (0.496")


Some Adolf cartridges

Hi All,
I’ve got George Hoyems reprint of Adolphs Guns which only lists a few Adolph cartridges.
I have a few of these cartridges but not as many as Krag56 shows.
Does anyone have a list of what Adolph made and their dimensions?

great collection!

Would be interesting to have a list of the various Adolphcartridges in your pictures, along with the parent cases used

Daan, all dimensions given are correct for a .35 Adolph Express, except for the head diameter which is about 0.30 mm (.0118") smaller than the minimum of the 11.2 x 72 Schüler case (13.60-13.70 mm / .535-.539"). I’m not entirely sure of its identification.

Could be made from a 30 Newton or 35 Newton case. The base on the Newton is .525" and the length is 2.5". Some years ago, Huntington sold a Newton “basic” case that was not headstamped. Looked exactly like the one in the O.P. I still have a couple of them around here somewhere. In fact, could the cartridge be a .35 Newton with the rim turned down to work in a 30-06 size bolt face? It may be no more complicated than that. All the dimensions, except the rim, are .35 Newton.


Daan, I forgot to mention that the original Schüler cases modified by Fred Adolph were Berdan primed. Can you check inside the case?

Morning Fede,
No I checked - Boxer primed. So it might be as Ray said a 35 Newton case that was modified to the Adolph case instead of the original Schuler cases.

I think it would be more correct to say that the cartridge is a .35 Newton that has a modified rim to feed and operate in a rifle with a 30-06 bolt face.

Such rim modifications are very common. I do it on some of my competition cartridges, and others do as well. It doesn’t change the designation of the cartridge itself, only the rim diameter.

I used to collect wildcats and I know that the Adolph cartridges are sought after. I believe that you guys want the O.P. cartridge to be a 35 Adolph. You want it so badly that you overlook the reality of the dimensions. I’ve done that myself on more than one occasion. There is an old saying that goes, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.” That cartridge looks like a Newton, has the dimensions of a Newton, so it is probably a Newton.